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Normal Modes is the leader in remote usability testing, interviewing more than 1,000 remote participants across the world since we started.

Much like traditional usability testing, remote usability testing relies on structured user interviews with a live moderator. We find remote usability testing has two key advantages over traditional usability testing:

  • Flexibility - Remote usability testing allows us to connect with your users anywhere in the world. In 2012, we conducted testing with users on five continents.
  • Environment - User interviews are conducted in the participant's usual working environment with the hardware and software they use on a day-to-day basis. Because participants are using their daily setup, we often uncover surprising behavior - like referencing their own records to make a decision, reaching out to co-workers for technical support, and completing portions of tasks outside the interface.

Methodology & Timeline




Up to 5 participants, 1 recruiting dimension, 1 testing day, 45 min. max session length, 1 test plan



Up to 10 participants, 2 recruiting dimensions, 2 testing days, 60 min. max session length, 1 test plan, 2 minutes of highlight videos



Up to 15 participants, 3 recruiting dimensions, 3 testing days, 75 min. max session length, 1 test plan, 5 minutes of highlight videos



Up to 25 participants, 5 recruiting dimensions, 6 testing days, 90 min. max session length, 2 test plans, 8 minutes of highlight videos



26+ participants, 6+ recruiting dimensions, 7+ testing days, more than 1.5 hrs in session length, 3+ test plans


Simple Pricing.
No Surprises!

All study fees are prepaid.

All packages include:
Test Plan
Moderator's Guide
Participant Screener
Participant Recruiting
Participant Incentives
Recording of all user sessions
Reporting, including a 1-hour call with key stakeholders to review findings

Optional Extras:
Observation Room Rental
$1250/day or $5000/week